My 5 Most Popular Blog Posts(2015-2017)

May 31, 2020 — Jt Spratley

First published on May 29, 2017

Its good to look back at your performance over the years and analyze how you can improve in the future. The Go Live Lively blog is just over two years old. Below are my six most popular blog posts as of today.

1. Linux deepin

My Linux deepin 2014.3 and 2015 posts are always listed as my two most popular blog posts – by week, month, and year. Though its China’s flagship distro, Linux users worldwide like its sleek HTML5 desktop environment.

I still remember how much fun I had with deepin 2014.3 after months of learning open source software and Linux in general using Linux Mint Cinnamon. It was so easy to use and elegant I decided to use it for my first distro walkthrough video. I later took a stab at deepin 2015 alpha release for a week before bouncing back to Linux Uberstudent.

The Linux deepin 2014.3 walkthrough is 6th most popular on YouTube as of 22 May, 2017.

2. GI Bill

I wanted to share lessons about using the GI Bill I’d learned the hard way before I forgot anything after talking with new student Veterans at Syracuse University about transfer credits and other useful Veterans’ resources, including Rallypoint of course. This created a lot of discussion among Veterans in military-related LinkedIn groups.

3. Waifu2x

Waifu2x is great for when you have the perfect photo or graphic but its too small. I think I found this site while trying to meet minimum resolution requirements for a featured image on WordPress. It’s a major outlier compared to the rest of this list but its a great website to bookmark.

screenshot of website waifu2x.udp.jpFun fact: “waifu”, according to Urban Dictionary (great source, right?), is an anime character a guy calls his wife.

4. ATTN: Private

ATTN: Private served two purposes – show respect to key individuals that helped me during my time as a Private (E-1 – E-3) and provide some guidance to those who recently joined the military. A lot of Army Privates on Rallypoint enjoyed it. One told me he wish he had read it before attending basic training. I have more similar posts in progress now. Many Veterans in military-related LinkedIn groups also enjoyed the self-reflecting list. For those interested, here’s a short list I created for the Student Veterans Organization at Syracuse University in February.

5. Enlisted Record Brief (ERB)

I wrote ERB because I’d seen so many inaccurate ones during my time in service. I’ve yet to research the analytics for this post but I wouldn’t be surprised if most viewers were Army Specialists, Sergeants, and Staff Sergeants (E-4 – E-6) trying to clean up their records before a promotion board. It’s odd that my Promotion Point Worksheet and iPerms posts don’t get nearly the same amount of views, though.

6. Abused & Silenced

Just a few views from tying ERB, Abused & Silenced is one of my “back-track” reviews of older or lesser known movies under the Entertainment category. Though this movie isn’t actually entertaining, it shows a very informative perspective into domestic and emotional abuse in relationships. I embedded the movie into the post a few days ago.

What’s been your favorite post on Go Live Lively as of today?

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