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June 08, 2020 — Jt Spratley

First published on January 30, 2018

Having unfinished New Years Resolutions on my mind everyday for the last few months reminded me why I abandoned the trend nearly 10 years ago for looser short-term goals that support broader long-term goals.

They’re usually too rigid to amend with new information, analytics on released content, trends or events, and feedback- all of which help direct creative flow when choosing what projects I work on next.

Last year’s resolutions for example,

7 Completed tracks on SoundCloud (and continued the momentum from 2016, aligns with deep personal goals created over a decade ago, and taught new lessons per track.

0 Months without a new YouTube video was easy because I could bounce between short FOSS / Linux tutorials and merging mix-downs with videos of nature.


2 videos covering cybersecurity and privacy are tasks I’d prefer to research more while deferring to cybersecurity specialists like Scheller Cyber Security before tackling myself.

1 Series of podcasts/videos for “How to Linux for Beginners“, while related to my primary genre, simply wasn’t important enough for the required time and effort compared to my music and transition from school to work. This is still in the works per drafts started (along with so many other things) in November, but until then I have a lengthy blog for novice Linux users.

Linux For the Rest of Us Help

In 2018,

This year’s resolutions are better aligned with long-term goals to include activities indirectly related to my personal goals with the help of two blogs on setting goals.

This Life Management System article isn’t about New Year’s Resolutions but managing immediate (and recurring) tasks, short/long-term goals (near future tasks) and ideas – similar to a kanban board. My take-away from this was to consolidate tasks within one single app – maybe Taiga or CherryTree. Something where I can toggle views between completed tasks being hidden and struck out would be great for the dopamine rush.

The second blog discusses the method of setting goals that are SMART: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timed and how good goals hold specific qualities to fit a hierarchy of short and long-term goals.

Reading these two reminded me how much time I waste figuring out what tasks to prioritize without that organization, especially those that expand beyond my comfort zones.

I won’t list resolutions this year as most of them are related to last year’s but will say I plan to create more fitness blogs and videos – of course sponsored by:

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