November 2017 SITREP-Performance

May 31, 2020 — Jt Spratley

First published on December 4, 2017

November 2017 was an unexpected growth spurt in many areas of my life.

I’ve applied some skills learned from work including Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Cloudflare Content Delivery Network (CDN) configuration for higher security and speed. My GTmetrix score still sucks, though.

I’ve created a new landing page – – which may or not become merged with my old web design finals project on GitHub at some point. I’m not sure but I think it’ll help my bounce rate.

I’ve added a few things between both websites in an attempt to improve Site Engine Optimization (SEO) but it’s still a major gray area for me.

I finally somewhat fixed my sidebar links. I’m considering adding this JsFiddle code I found at StackOverflow so they’re always showing. And they still don’t open in new tabs. -1 for user experience, I know.

I released my Jitsi video immediately instead of queuing it after seeing they’d just added more features after I finished editing. I also finished uploading my YouTube videos on another video sharing platform – – which seems to prioritize the community aspect. I still haven’t updated all the descriptions, though.

Thanks to Podnutz I recently got an invitation to write for You’ve probably never heard of it before because its been dormant for 3 years. I’m not sure how I’ll manage content between the two sites but I’m hoping Linux blogger Mark from Mark’s Expeditions may help as well.

I’ve had to buy new pants since leg days coupled with these Micronamin supplements added unexpected mass. Strength training is after all my outlet, and compound leg exercises are best for spiking gains and fat loss (since I last researched this).

I’ve also met a German rapper – derl8we – whose taken interest in a few of my tracks. I have no idea what he’s saying in German but the vibe seems right.

Along with this I’ve received more feedback on my music to improve my music mix-down skills.

I didn’t, however, finish all new years resolutions yet.

2 Videos covering security and privacy

I have ideas laid out and shared some with a RallyPoint buddy at Scheller Cyber Security about possible collaborations.

1 Series of podcasts/videos for “How to Linux for Beginners”

I have enough main points in the notes to start but want to have it completed before I start recording. I’ll likely bundle these resolutions into the same series and stretch the release dates over a few weeks.

I’ll be blogging more soon. I have some controversial topics to cover. I’m not sure about the podcasting thing yet.

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