Black Owned Tactical Gear Companies

November 14, 2022 — Jt Spratley

Things are getting intense in the United States of America. Inflation continues to affect the cost of, well, everything. The Fedcoin versus Bitcoin (and other digital currencies) war for a cashless society has people looking to acquire more tangible assets such as land, precious metals (silver, gold, etc.), not a pieces of eight (Spanish dollars) collection, and seeds for food. Below I'll list my recommended resources for Black survivalists.

National African American Gun Association (NAAGA)

Community is everything. The National African American Gun Association (NAAGA) and their Calibr magazine and community are both fairly new. But they are working to be a part of some solutions. To what problem, you wonder? US Gun laws are strongly tied to anti-Black racism rooting back to slavery and Whites being mandated to carry firearms to control Black slaves. NAAGA is developing a community where Blacks can discuss:

Also, check out the NAAGA affiliated stores. I'm unsure if all of them are Black-owned businesses.

BlackStar Survival

BlackStar Survival, based in Arizona, is probably one of the most versatile NAAGA affiliates. They sell all types of products for survivalists and preppers online:

  • Emergency tools and food
  • First aid / medical kits (Medkits)
  • Hunting and other outdoors gear
  • Tactical gear
  • Gas masks
  • Firearms and ammunition (ammo)
  • Other self defense weapons

As a first purchase there, I recommend the BlackStar Survival Disaster and Emergency Preparedness Guide Bundle of their two short books:

  1. The Basic Survival Guide
  2. Surviving the End of the World books

Watchdog Tactical

Watchdog Tactical, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, sell firearms, parts, and other accessories online. They also sell custom holsters.

Slim Pickins Outfitters

Texas-based Slim Pickins Outfitters sells various outdoors products related to camping.

Agriculture and Farming

Self-sustainability reduces how much money you need to spend in the long-term. It's important to maintain a healthy weight, which does not require a gym subscription, and eat healthy meals to decrease visits to the doctor's office. If possible, consider getting some garden tools and seeds to grow your own food. Storing canned food is good for emergencies. Fresh fruits, vegetables, poultry, and plants are great everyday. Here are some Black-owned farms to check out:

If you want to ease into going the organic route, check out these hygiene-based businesses.

JR Schoodie

The Schoodie is a scarf with a hood. Most heat exits through the head. Sometimes, you only need to guard your head and neck from cold winds. It's an unique invention by this brother.

For more general prepper resources, check out this listacle by

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