8 Easy Healthy-ish Meals

August 25, 2022 — Jt Spratley

I don't talk about nutrition often, but this topic is warranted after I wrote short workout plan for losing weight. This will be quick.

Apple with Caramel

Don't purchase packages with pre-sliced apples and caramel. They use more preservatives. Buy whole apples of your preferred flavor. Cut them into slices. Dip it into caramel. Real sugar from real food.

Tomato and Sea Salt

Tomatoes with sea salt seems random, but it is an interesting way to hydrate.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is always a win. I've packed jars of PB for Army field exercises. I've had PBJ burgers. I've had various flavors of PB. Check out this list of healthy PB options.

Frozen Fruits in Cottage Cheese

Frozen berries in cottage cheese may sound "ungood." But it is good, methinks.


Kombucha is a fermented tea with probiotics and antioxidants. It is sweet but more nutritious than soda or liquor. There are alcoholic options, though. Here's a list of recommended kombucha brands.

If you prefer regular drinks, check out Smooth September juice blends and elderberry syrup.


Balut is a Filipino delicacy. Its an egg. There's an unhatched duck inside. It tastes like an egg with different textures and a meaty, furry fruit gusher. Yes, I'm speaking from experience.


Honey Snacks

Honey is yummy. I get various honey products from Uncommon Bees and Noble Honey Co:

  • Unique honey flavors
  • Honey apple cider vinegar (ACV)
  • Honey juice and candy

NSF Certified Whey Protein Shake

There's nothing wrong with chugging a protein shake as a meal replacement once in a while. You can even mix in some of the other stuff on this list. Cautious shoppers can select from NSF’s Certified for Sport list.

Hampton Roads residents with Diabetes should check out the Healthy Living Center for nutrition and cooking classes.

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