Tomatoes and sea salt

June 01, 2020 — Jt Spratley

First published on June 27, 2015

A few years ago, I had a female Filipino supervisor that used to bring different foods to work for people to try. She was a nice woman that had this thing about spirits. Anyways, one of those times she brought some tomatoes and sea salt to her office. All of us on her team looked at her like she was crazy. Here’s quick dialog of the conversation that followed:

Us: “Whatchu gonna do with that?”

Super: “Eat them. Try one.”

Us: “???”

Super: “Just sprinkle some sea salt on it and take a bite.” *Sprinkles sea salt on a tomato and takes a bite*

Me: *Tries it. Likes it. Tries to take more but she simply tells me to take as many as I take.*

Fast forward today:

Me: *Ate 5 within the last three days*

Though a great source of Vitamin C, too much of anything can be a bad thing. Do your research.

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