Music Production Lessons 2021-Year of Singles

November 30, 2021 — Jt Spratley

I recapped the first half of 2021 (Linux, FOSS, and Music Production) in a YouTube video.

I have little to add for the second half of the year. Releasing singles has helped me consistently create more YouTube content supporting my music. I'd considered installing an Owncast instance but decided against it.

Gaming - Broken Lines

Unrelated to music, there was an issue where the "Broken Lines" Steam game DLC wasn't available on Linux as advertised. Months after tactfully explaining why it was an issue, they did the right thing and released the DLC for the native Linux installation (meaning without Proton).

The lesson? There's a few depending on how you look at it.

  • Remember to ask "why" instead of just complaining.
  • Seek the truth with tact so you don't fuel an opportunity for added regret.
  • Many artists (including game developers) want constructive criticism and credit for their work.

Broken Lines is a great, original game. I just want to say that again.

Those soft skills apply to music production, collaboration, and support as much as anything.


"Honey Bun, Sweet Tea" was finally completed. So much fun using music as a comedic outlet.

Here's a Deezer widget, since many people are seemingly leaving Spotify after they supported Joe Rogan's show covering COVID-19 prevention and treatment.

I also re-released "The 1 Tonight" and a shorter version for those who don't care for 10+ minute instrumentals.

Personal Growth

As always, I'm trying to become a better man. One way of doing that is distancing myself from toxicity and "reality distortion fields." Gotta make the most of what we have, right?

As Lucifer said:

"he's not hearing any of this [...] a selfish way for you to all feel better about yourselves about how much you ignored this poor sod in life."

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