10 Questions You Should Ask Yourself More Often

May 26, 2020 — Jt Spratley

First published on October 31, 2016

Hopefully, this short post sparks a path to personal development – 10 Questions, ~500 words, and a challenge of self-reflection.

1. Do I hold the same stance on my religious preference?

Many inherit this from their parents or society. But have you ever wondered if there’s another religious preference – agnostic, atheist, and astrologer included – that fits you better? Have you ever seriously looked into astrology or spirituality?

2. Have I achieved any major goals this year?

Sometimes, we get complacent, forget our short and long-term goals – personal or professional – and fall off course. For example, Service Members are often encouraged to learn the job of someone two pay grades above their own. Ensure you’re doing something to improve and prepare you for your future.

3. Have I tried anything new for the sake of enjoying life this year?

“Work will always be there”, a now retired Army Command Sergeant Major told me when I was a young E-4 Specialist. Leave the office once in a while for something fun. Take a road trip. Go do that thing you’ve been telling yourself you’ll do some day if its possible. It is possible. Make time for that vacation and most of it.

4. What could I do now to maintain good health 10+ years from now?

Here’s a few. Lose fat and exercise – yoga counts. Eat better. Eat breakfast. Buy good shoes and insoles. Keep a solid sleep schedule. Make time for fun, relaxation, and “me-time” daily. Have an outlet for stress relief.

5. What could I do now to save more money?

You probably don’t need a few features on your cell phone plan. Some could get by fine just using their phone for internet via Wi-Fi Hotspot or tethering without Time Warner. You could probably get the same or more for your money with a lesser known provider or method. That includes insurance, internet, and credit cards. That also includes packing lunch for work in lieu of fast food.

6. Have I checked my credit reports this year?

If you’ve never heard of annualcreditreport.com, TransUnion, Equifax, or Experian, check out USA.gov, FTC.gov, and do your own research to make sure you get to the official AnnualCreditReport.com. Pretty important.

7. Am I doing anything to feed my passion(s) in life?

I’ve had a passion for expressing myself through music and being strong enough, physically and mentally, to handle life as a lone wolf for over ten years now. There’s a hefty list of things that went astray when I veered too far away from those two things. That’s for another day.

8. Have I read at least one book this year?

Reading articles every day isn’t the same as reading a good book that goes in-depth about a specific topic. Reading a book builds discipline, vocabulary, and a deep understanding of someone’s point of view regarding the subject along with details, references, and indirectly related information that you don’t get too often from shorter articles. I finished “The 5 Love Languages” ready to read the other variations of the book and "Things I Wish I’d Known Before We Got Married," both by Gary Chapman, and encourage loved ones to take the online test.

9. Would I regret the last conversation I had with anyone I care about if they died today? What can I do about it?

If you’re not sure where you stand with someone you truly care about, do your best to fix that. Again, you’ll make time if you care enough. Do your best to show you care and deal with the results case by case, ie. symptoms of stress, depression, etc.

10. If I were on my death bed right now, what would I wish I had done differently?

Take your time. Need some ideas? Read the top 5 list from TrueActivist.

Expect more.

Dark Rant Complete.

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