I'm Tired

August 19, 2021 — Jt Spratley

I'm tired.

I'm tired of phone calls with customer service representatives, or "customer loyalty specialists," talking over me while I'm in the middle of asking a question only to answer the wrong question. I'm tired of saying "I need you to let me finish asking my question" or "I need you to hear this," knowing they're likely to ignore it or catch an attitude. I'm tired of having this almost always happening with women. I used to think this was isolated to a particular Veterans Affairs (VA) medical facility because maybe there was a lot of male veterans going off at reps fustrated about VA red tape BS. I talked about doing our part as veterans to improve the VA medical facilities in a blog and YouTube video. But I'm seeing it in other places too.

I'm tired of expecting not to be treated with respect by customer service reps in stores and other facilities. It's one thing to not ask if I need help when I'm roaming around with a look of confusion. It's a completely different matter to be treated as a nuissance, or outright disrespected, for asking someone to do their job. I saw this often issue at one VA facility years ago and it seems to be back on uptick again.

I get that COVID-19 has stressed nurses and other hospital staff out since late 2019. I get that sometimes people have bad days at work. However, customer service is every everyone's job. Furthermore, customer service reps should be the best at doing that at any given time. That includes technical support agents and nurses as the front line, the first and most common people customers/clients/patients will interact with. Otherwise, you need to find another job because you're only making others and your own life more difficult.

Yes, I've been customer support before. Yes, I understand people have families to feed. That doesn't negate what I said, especially in the medical field where your attitude can directly affect someone's health and access to medical care.

I'm tired of toxic ass women getting a pass on being disrespectful in personal and professional environments. Toxic women supporting each other to ensure they're not disrespected with a front of "strength," ultimately being the reason for altercations in the first place. Then, some truly strong women trying to defend toxic women publicly (but reprimand privately) because they're afraid women as a whole will lose the power US women have gained throughout the decades. Let's be real, sexism against women still a major, overt issue.

To keep this blog short you here are two links about toxic leadership or abusive mothers so I don't have to cover it here.

All I want is to do help others with my job, exercise, and create music. Hopefully, motivate others along the way. Somehow, that seems to be too much to ask. I haven't yet figured out what I've done to deserve this karma, but I hope to solve that sooner than later.

I am a quiet, black, and muscular man. Not mean. You have any idea how hard it is for me to find people who will treat me as a human being, instead of a monster that's just wrecked havoc on the world? Treat someone as a monster long enough, and they'll show you one. I don't know who said that first.

Since there's always someone reaching to ridiculous conclusions, let me state this: none of what I said above means we as men should disrespect women out of spite or returning bad energy. Walk away from disrespect before getting sucked into a situation where you'll likely lose - legally or socially. There are enough missing and murdered women. Check out OurBlackGirls.com.

FYSA, this isn't the first time I've talked about toxic women. Here's "Dance with My Heart."

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