Reasons You Hate Trans Women

August 04, 2022 — Jt Spratley

Transgender women minding their business. People who go out of their way to disrespect them. This might hurt someone's feelings.

Because "Christian"

The Christian bible says something about minimizing your time with people "of the world" (James 4:4 and James 4:8 from what I see). Cool. But that's not enough for you. "Live and let live" is too difficult for you. You must hate it because you're incapable of just being quiet during such conversations or simply saying something around the lines of "I'm not into it, but to each they're own." Maybe you hide behind the belief that homosexuality is a mental illness, but treat do not treat trans folks as you'd treat others you suspect to be mentally ill. Hypocritical, no?

But if someone merely questions your religious preference...

Ladies, They're In Shape

From what I've seen, the average trans woman is petite with great skincare. She dresses nicely. She doesn't wear bonnets and flip-flops out and about on a regular basis. She exercises.

A lot of biological females I see are overweight. They're not putting in the work to get in shape. I rarely see Black women in the gym. A lot of American cisgender women have given up on physical fitness.

I've been motivated by some trans twinks to work on my diet in the past so I can have some amazing abs. I didn't do it, but the shame was enough for me to make somewhat of an improvement. That counts.

Some men are eyeing trans chicks more because they take care of their health. This has some guys asking if they're gay for being attracted to a trans woman's figure and appearance before knowing she's transitioned. It doesn't, by the way. After you know is a different conversation.

Instead of trying to normalizing fat, we should be talking about proper nutrition and active lifestyles. At least have a body-weight leg day, ladies. Meanwhile, I'll keep recommending that trans women check out more LGBT sports leagues.

Bro, You're Gay (Secretly)


You want your cheeks clapped. You want an alpha man to insert something into your output, that anal I/O. You probably watch them sissification Pornhub videos. You want your salad tossed. You want to nut hands-free from prostate stimulation and anal termination.

You reading this: \(* W *)/

That's you. But you want to hide it. So you're one of those guys who oppose the lifestyle in the public but exercise extreme gayness in private. I understand the dilemma. But hatred isn't going to fix it. Figure out what exactly it is you're interested in. Talk to someone you trust about it. Ask anonymously in some gay IRC channels or Discord groups. Work through it or it will consume you.

You're an Openly Feminine, Gay Man

I remember feminine guys heavy hating on trans woman when I was younger.

"They just men with wigs!"
"I can put on a dress if you want!"
"Might as well get with a regular woman!"

I didn't make those up. I've heard all of them before, one recently. I can't confidently answer why this is a thing. It likely has something to do with straight guys giving more public, positive attention to trans ladies versus feminine men. Both groups are familiar with DEL, gay men relegating them to the rank of "secret lover," though. They have more in common than not. Regardless, it is petty because they should be on the same side.

Maybe it is because...

They're Not Hiding Their True Self

They're exploring themselves. They decided they were trans after some type of reflection and aren't hiding it to appease you. They're not running from the fact that they're not who they want to be. There's a lesson there, once you get past the sex/gender aspect, that we all benefit from relearning periodically.

Parents, stop trying to hide your children from all the thing LGBT. Teach them about it or someone else will.

Haters, ask yourself what is at the core of your hate for others who have little effect on your life. It is likely internal. Whatever it is that you dislike about yourself, start working on it and don't give up. What kills hope, right?

You've Been Called "Transphobic" For Not Dating a Trans Woman

This is the most understandable issue on this list. Remember, we're talking about people "hating" trans women. But even straight dudes who don't have an issue with "T" community are sometimes annoyed by this.

There are trans women trying to shame men into dating them. They don't respect men's preferences and/or they're trying every manipulation tactic to keep a man past that first sex session. Some just refuse to acknowledge that the straight men they're attempting to snag want a wife that can bear children.

The extreme end of this issue is when someone isn't honest about being trans from the jump. It's dangerous for her, and it wastes the man's time if he's made it clear that he isn't gay or wants to have kids. If you're ever in this situation, I recommend you tell her that she should've told you sooner and leave. Hold her accountable, but long-term you'll gain nothing from being violent.

An attractive trans woman, she is. Playing with fire, she is.

You're a Straight, Black Man Taking it a Bit too Far

I get it. Oppressing Black masculinity has been trending for decades, and you don't want to give someone a reason to accuse you of being gay, queer, or less than a Black man. I explore this topic deeper in separate blog posts about gay and straight Black men and anti-Black misandry. To summarize, you may feel that being attracted to a trans woman threatens your Black manhood, even if you didn't know she was trans beforehand. That, combined with the fact that many trans people don't disclose their true sex/gender/chromosomal makeup (XY) causes understandable concerns and hypersensitivity to the matter. I fully explain this in my post of remedies for the trans dating scene.

Hate isn't the way to go about it, though. That just makes you more likely to consider violently engaging a trans person who may be looking for acceptance or an excuse to participate in anti-Black male misandry.

Trans women have enough issues.

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