Nothing but a Candle from Black-Owned Businesses

February 27, 2024 — Jt Spratley

Nothing but a candle...but from what Black-owned businesses? Here are a few recommendations on Black-owned candle businesses.

WaXed Out Candle

Based in Saint Louis (STL), Missouri, WaXed Out Candle ships candles in small, glass jars with very unique scents. The most notable: Fall Vibes, Georgia Peach, Blueberry Tart, and Butt Naked. I didn't make that up. That's actually a candle name. There's also a #GIRLBOSS. No idea what that would smell like. Oh, and there's an Iced Cinna Buns one. Reminds me of my tribute songs to sticky buns. The #LoveLocalSTL sticker is a nice touch.

Bedside Glow

New York City (NYC)-based Bedside Glow ship soy wax candles in small metal tins. What makes these "Chakra Care" candles so unique compared to all others on this listacle: burning wooden wicks which have an audible crackling sound like a camp fire in the woods. Its a soothing sound that compliments the strong scents.

Uncommon Bees

Uncommon Bees beeswax candles come in over a dozen scents and in small tins, without the wooden wick. Most of their candles are simpler fragrances - lavender, peppermint, vanilla, etc. The "ambiance" scents include Ocean Breeze, Wintergreen, and Forest. Its an unique addition to a product line-up focused on infused honey products.

Burnt Wax Candle

Recent 2-time WNBA champion, and Las Vegas Aces center, A'ja Wilson owns Burnt Wax Candle, based in her home state of South Carolina. Burnt Wax Candle sells candles, room sprays, and reed diffusers. The candle names provide zero explanation of the actual fragrance - Gold Medalist 2020 and Dear Black Girls for example - but their respective product pages describe the scents included.

Depend On Planet Earth (D.O.P.E.)

"Depend On Planet Earth," or D.O.P.E., has a Peppermint and Spearmint Infused Body Oil (with virgin coconut oil), made with "freshly-harvested, organically-grown herbs," in a 16 ounce (oz) glass jar. I mentioned D.O.P.E. and Uncommon Bees in my listacle of Black-owned skincare businesses.

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