How to Dress for Workouts-Not Just Gym Clothes

June 14, 2020 — Jt Spratley

Gym is life. Being dressed appropriately for exercise isn’t as simple as wearing comfortable clothes that can be torn. I learned to care about the items listed below once I started running 2-4 times a week. Hopefully, this helps you prevent injuries similar to the exercises that could’ve helped me.

I heard Finish Line changed their military discount from 20% to 10% in 2019. Please tweet @GoLiveLively if you know any good sports apparel stores – preferably Veteran or local owned businesses (VOBs / SMBs).

Running Shorts

Use running Shorts (a few inches above the knee) for running and leg workouts . Basketball shorts are long and add weight. I thought running shorts looked dumb until I started doing 2+ mile runs in the Army. Now, leg or run day = running shorts.


I’ve been a fan of Finish Line cotton-polyester blended socks for over 10 years. They’re thin, comfortable, cheap, and long-lasting. They don’t hold sweat, bunch up, or cause skin issues. But all I do is lift weights and play basketball.

Anyone rucking/hiking may need wool socks on top or instead of these socks. Most other socks I can think of are mainly for looks.

Athletic Shoes

Athletic shoes, or tennis shoes, aren’t all the same and ready to go out the box. Basketball shoes can be high, mid, or low top. There are pros and cons to each cut depending on your body and athleticism.

You’re a runner?

I don’t remember the many different types of running shoes well anymore. But if you’re over 200 pounds, check out the Brooks Ghost. They breathe well, have a thick cushion, and feel like I’m walking on clouds. They’re also ~$130. The Reebok Zig Trail shoes are similar and cheaper. The issue with thick outsoles is the possibility of getting rocks and other crap stuck in them and the increased chance of rolling an ankle during trail runs.

You’re a walker?

In the gym mostly?

I got nothing for you on getting the most for your money. Check out Sketchers. The people I knew who wore them were very happy with them. I don’t remember the product.

If you just need something for the gym, a popular option is the Converse Chuck Taylors. The MK-19 High Tops by Combat Flip Flops look like a more heavy-duty option.

Regardless of your shoes, you’ll likely need…


Brooks Ghost shoes were the first shoes I bought that didn’t need new insoles. Most athletic shoe insoles are basically a sponge pad Elmer-glued to the shoe. Replace them. Save yourself some back, hip, and knee pain.

Dr. Scholl’s is popular, but I’ve never used them. I’ve been a Sof Sole fan for years. Sof Sole insoles have durable heel padding, cut-lines for better fit in shoes, and apparently a warranty program for replacements.


Have one with a light, stop-watch, and alarm. Casio makes good ones for less than $30.

Maybe this can help you break some fitness plateaus.

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