Hello 2019

May 30, 2020 — Jt Spratley

First published on December 31, 2018

I did so much in 2018 between enhancing JtSpratley.com and releasing music. I took a short trip down memory lane and even updated my wardrobe.

One thing I didn’t do:

“…create more fitness blogs and videos – of course sponsored by: Micronamin”

The company was liquidated. So I only made a leg workout blog and weight management podcast on YouTube (I've taken my podcasts down from iTunes).

I’m satisfied with all I’ve achieved this year. A lot of projects with a lot of progress. Jemele Hill said it well on the Breakfast Club – “you should have 5 hustles.

If I’ma live, I’ma Go Live Lively !

Follow me on your favorite music platforms for future releases. Meanwhile, we Indie musicians need to plan for when Spotify allows all Indie artists to upload without a distributor.

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Full list at JtSpratley.com

Hello 2019.

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