Best Mid-Top Basketball Shoes from Black-Owned Businesses

March 14, 2024 — Jt Spratley

What are the best mid-top basketball shoes in 2024? Years ago, I would've answered much differently: something under $100 with soles that doesn't wear out too fast from outdoors play, and available in-store for testing at Foot Locker or Finish Line. Post-COVID price hikes, mixed with my pro-Blackness, I'm focused on the best Black-owned basketball shoe businesses. Below are the best Black-owned mid-top basketball shoe businesses.

Ethics the Brand - Best Overall

Black-owned business Ethics the Brand makes the best mid-top basketball shoes - Ethics lgONE - from my experience and research.

  • Under $100
  • Long-lasting sole tough enough for playing on concrete and asphalt
  • Durable, functional design

Learn more from my Ethics the Brand review.

Negash - Good Indoors

The Negash basketball shoe is a good option if you only plan to play indoors and not often. They're not nearly as durable. They're flashier and their 2 color-ways fit most casual attires. Read more from my Negash basketball shoe review.

Brandblack - Most Unique

Their only shoe I see for hooping is the Brandblack Villain. Its a nice looking shoe with over nine (9) color-ways. Its also over $200 a pair.

q4 Sports

I think Q4 Sports would be my number 2 if they didn't only sell shoes in bulk, and if they weren't seemingly out of business. Their website doesn't even resolve anymore. I liked the styles in their mid-top shoes.


ROCKDEEP had the largest collection of mid-top basketball shoes last time I checked. However, I see too many complaints on social media about customers not receiving their ROCKDEEP shoes, and the company doesn't respond enough publicly, for me to feel comfortable taking a chance. That's a massive failure regarding customer service, especially for Black-owned businesses.

At the time of writing this, their website is down and social media pages point to an eBay storefront.

Other Black-Owned Sneaker Brands

Depending on your goals, you may do fine with running shoes or training shoes. Here are some other options.

SIA Collective

SIA Collective is the brand NBA player Kyrie was said to be collaborating with to create a basketball shoe over a year ago. The CV 0.02 "CREAM GLOW" MID V2, not Kyrie's shoe, is the closest I saw to a basketball shoe. Nice looking kicks, but I wouldn't wear any of them on the hard-top. Check back in the future to see what comes of that Kyrie collaboration rumor.

Superb Sportswear

Superb Sportswear has a fair selection of comfortable walking shoes, judging by the thick, protruding soles.

Actively Black

Actively Black Athleisure shoes seem like decent sneakers for someone on their feet all day. Its the only Black-owned business I've found with wide size shoes.

The Blairisms

Blairisms lo-top shoes are good for squats because of their flat soles, similar to Converse Chucks.

Want to think outside the box? Shaquille O'Neal hasn't made any new shoes himself in years. Stephon Marbury's latest release, the XAVIER3, are puffy casual shoes that resemble popular skater shoes from the early 2000's (Etnies and DC Shoes).

Casual sneaker-head lesson complete.

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