Black-Owned Basketball Shoe Business Ethics the Brand

February 03, 2024 — Jt Spratley

I forgot how I found Black-owned basketball shoe company Ethics The Brand, but I remember quickly buying a pair of lgONEs, their mid-top basketball shoes. After having a pair for almost a year, here's my review on the Ethics lgONE basketball shoes.

Ethics the Brand Basketball Shoe Review

I noticed the heavy weight of the shoes the moment I picked up the box. The thick sole, stitching, and layering made it feel durable, like a tank, and like every design choice has a deeper function. The leather layer above the sole, wrapping around the toe box and around the sides, seem to help prevent the sole from detaching from the rest of the shoe. The bottom of the sole may be why they're effective, and long-lasting, on outdoors and indoors basketball courts. I don't know the significance of the color combinations.

Changing focus to usage, these basketball shoes are stiff, take a while to break in, and fit tightly. I wear thin socks with them. These complaints are negated by the great support they provide while lateral movements, stopping on a dime, and pivoting. Ethics shoes do not get in my way. The shoelaces are tough with unique designs. Surprisingly, the insoles are good. I didn't swap them out. I wear my Ethics shoes exactly how they were shipped, no alterations.

Are Black-Owned Ethics the Brand Shoes Worth the Money?


  1. They cost $75-100 USD, cheaper than most basketball shoes post-COVID
  2. They're highly durable with little wear and tear showing after nearly a year of regular wear
  3. Ethics the Brand is Black-owned

I need not apply bias for supporting Black-owned businesses here to explain why I like these kicks so much.

I hope to see more from business owner Langston Galloway and the Langston Galloway Foundation.

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