5 Ways to Improve Your Workout Plans

July 17, 2021 — Jt Spratley

I've said this many times before: fitness is my physical outlet. Getting fit doesn't have to mean going to the weight room, though. You can get fit at home, in the yard, with the kids, or at the park. Get creative. But before you do anything, you need to plan ahead. Here are some ways to improve your fitness regimen before you do anything.

Specify Your Fitness Goals

What are you trying to accomplish?

  • Build muscular strength
  • Lose weight
  • Build endurance for a sport or job
  • Keep up with the kids better
  • Be more flexible
  • Injury recovery
  • Look sexier naked
  • Look better in a certain type of attire

That list can get longer but I made my point. Knowing your fitness regimen will enhance your lifestyle helps you know what you should be doing and motivates you to actually do it.

There are a lot of tips to keep in mind depending on which goals you choose. In general, most of your exercise should mirror the activity you want to do better.

What to jump higher? Do squats, lunges, and plyometric variations.

Need to lose fat? Eat smaller meals more often and drink plenty of water. More on that in my YouTube video below.

Then you have to figure out:

  • How often you'll work out
  • What time and how long
  • What are normal improvements for you per workout
  • When to change up the workout

I'm not going to rant on how to create a workout plan here. You can learn more from Muscle & Fitness magazines, EXRX.net, BodyBuilding.com, and random random YouTube fitness playlists.

Check out my example leg workouts.

Think of the Benefits

Think about how different you feel after exercising. You likely feel accomplished, more energetic, and mentally focused. There are more benefits to exercising regularly. If you've created a good workout and taken good notes, you might have reached a new personal record (PR). Each PR brings you closer to your goal.

Prepare Before You Get to the Gym

Make sure your workout plan is prepared before you start. Don't skip the plan part. And have a backup plan for in case the workout destination closes suddenly, certain equipment doesn't work, or you can't go because life.And of course hydrate all the time.

Switch it Up

Don't do the same types of workouts all the time. Find new ways to break a sweat before you have to worry about getting stuck in fitness plateus.

  • Alternate between dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, and bands
  • Work exercise machines and other equipment into your sessions (weight sleds, ropes, etc.)
  • Try different sports or self defense courses
  • Change weight, reps, sets, or rest times periodically

More questions? See my other blogs on health and fitness.

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