5 Things I Thought Were Gay as a Teenager in the Early 2000s

August 04, 2023 — Jt Spratley

When I was a teenager, we were taught that a lot of random stuff was gay. You ain't hairy? Homo. You dress nice? Fruity. You talking to girls, trying to get to know them? That's gay, bruh. This short listacle is probably the most light-hearted gay culture piece I'll ever write.

Short Running Shorts

Before the Army, short shorts seemed ridiculous. I thought of them as daisy dukes because shorts that cover or fall below the knees were guys' norm for hooping and casual wear. After running a dozen or so miles a week became the norm, running shorts became the preference for running and leg days in the gym. They're lighter and far less restrictive.

Electronic Dance Music (EDM)

I remember people, particularly elders, telling me that dance music was "gay music." I was fan of EDM and producing it. Little did I know that years later EDM would become so mainstream.

Crossing your Legs

I have no idea where I heard this. Reportedly, there are some disadvantages to doing it too often, and if you can't do it all, you may need to address some weak points.


Wearing earrings on both ears was considered an act of homosexuality. Guys were expected to only have one in at a time, but many would still have both pierced.

Shaving Certain Body Parts

Before manscaping became mainstream, there was the term for those who cared a lot about their appearance and hygiene: metrosexual. Shaving your chest, armpits, or pelvis area? You guessed it, very much zesty.

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