5 Things I Learned from Using Google Ads

June 03, 2020 — Jt Spratley

First published on September 19, 2016

Adsense / Google Ads

1. The average viewer despises it

We’re all used to seeing ads on a webpage’s header, right side, and footer. However, because of the ever-increasing amount of malware and hacking stories, text ads especially are assumed as malicious – because “better safe than sorry.” This is why browser plugins which block and hide ads such as Ghostery and Privacy Badger are popular.

 2. The user’s browsing habits determine what they see

Your browser history largely determines what you see in those ads. But why would I want my blog showing you ads that don’t relate to anything my brand or domain represents? Cool, you like to cook. Nothing on my blog mentions cooking, though. We’ll keep this PG.

I can choose which categories I don’t want to appear, however. . .

3. I can’t narrow down much on what shows in the ads

I don’t recall having the option to only show ads related to Linux, open source software, strength training equipment and supplements that I know work, reputable music production sites and equipment, and trusted Veterans resources. . . ONLY.

4. Earnings aren’t high enough to counter the bounce rate

Continuing from lesson one, many people see Google Ads and think “nope” and hit the “back” or “exit” button. I created this blog for three reasons:

  1. Share my experience, passion, and thoughts regarding Linux and Open Source Software, health and fitness, and indie music
  2. Improve my web design, writing, and audio/video production skills
  3. Learn from others’ constructive criticism

“A percentage of a penny per view” couldn’t rank high enough to justify my domain intruding on your privacy.

5. I know more about how the industry standard works

I learned more about how online advertising works and how to use Adsense on WordPress. I then used that of knowledge to find alternatives that didn’t have the same cons I had with Adsense. Project Wonderful is next.

I know I didn’t follow through on my word to use more images but what are your thoughts? What did I get wrong ?

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