The Micronamin Interview That Never Happened

June 14, 2020 — Jt Spratley

Micronamin was a Veteran-owned supplement company led by Teall Haycock. It was liquidated in 2018. and it’s domain later redirected to a faceless Robin Hood online supplement store. Before Micronamin, the CEO and I had planned an interview for my discontinued Go Live Lively podcast on YouTube and iTunes.

It never happened because of scheduling conflicts and the liquidation announcement soon afterwards. Below are notes I had prepared for the Micronamin podcast that never happened.

- Podcast
   → CEO of Micronamin - Veteran owned supplement business  Teall Haycock
      ⇒ How we met
         • First message on RP
            ◇ Feb 2016
               ▪ - talk about later
               ▪ - Teespring versus Zazzle
         • Started as sponsored athlete - Aug 2017
      ⇒ Veteran > Veteran Owned Supplement Business
      ⇒ Micronamin - Micronutrient + Vitamin - where did that come from ?
      ⇒ Supplements
         • Protein - AR 15
         • Pre workout - 12 Gauge powder, .30-06 capsules
         • Thermo - M2
         • Listed on Amazon,, UFC / Crossfit gyms? (black guy in pic)
            ◇ Originally said no to NO
         • Gear
      ⇒ Your favorite supplements
         • On RP stated N.O was a favorite -
            ◇ “The Thermo appealed to both men and women while the N.O. product is something that I personally have been crazy about since I started training years ago.”
      ⇒ Your favorite workout
      ⇒ GoFitness
      ⇒ Goals
         • 1 from now
         • 5 - 10 from now

Now, my biggest preference when choosing supplements is that it be USP-certified per A doctor recommended this non-profit organization and I’ve been a fan since. The main companies that pursue the credential are Nature Made, Kirkland, TruNature.

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