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March 04, 2023 — Jt Spratley

I'm Black before gay every day. I'm not pro-gay, and especially not pro-LGBTQIA+ with attempts to add pedophilia to the "plus." I explained this in my post about the LGBT Pride Progress flag (coming soon). But I don't avoid homosexuality topics. I also remember what it was like trying to find mentorship within the gay community.

I maintain that gays should start by determining what type of family they want before beginning potentially time wasting relationships. Also, reflect hard to figure out what started the curiosity of exploring "gayness" in the first place. There might be better ways to explore that root question. Nonetheless, here are some resources I've found which might be helpful for those dedicated to the gay community.

I know nothing more about these resources than stated in this post.

1. Human Rights Campaign (HRC)

HRC has a lot of inclusivity resources. The most relevant one here is the Healthcare Facilities Search, which provides info on how respectful a medical center is to those who live alternative lifestyles. I use this to better understand Veterans Affairs (VA) facilities.

2. Movement Advancement Project (MAP) aggregates statistics and policies regarding gay inclusivity support laws and other political resources. This is a great resource for those preparing to move somewhere safer for gay/trans folks.

3. Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG)

PFLAG has resources and local chapters for gay people and their supporters.

4. Healthline & Sue Kerr

When someone reached out to me about trying to find a trans-affirming therapist, I contacted Sue Kerr on Twitter for assistance. She responded with this Healthline article with advice on how to find the right therapist for you and recommended therapy research resources. She also recommended finding a local PFLAG chapter.

shop enby Tweet stating 'trans women are women'

5. shop enby

I'm always talking about Black-owned businesses. The first Black and trans-owned business I've come across: shop enby. It's an online sexual wellness store with plenty for straights and gays, in and out of the bedroom. They do have a Twitter post stating that "transwomen are women," which I obviously disagree with, but I doubt that bothers most who cared to read this far.

"Enby" is another word for "non-binary." I'll discuss my issues with this term at a later time.

Gays Against Groomers

Gays Against Groomers is a nonprofit organization of "gay people and others within the community against the sexualization, indoctrination and medicalization of children under the guise of LGBTQIA+." Right now, their focus seems to be on fighting sexual mutilation of children, basically the act of encouraging kids to transition (gender-affirming care).

Many definition revisions are agenda-driven. "Homosexual" and "gay" are simple terms meaning that one is attracted to individuals of the same gender (chromosome combination which cannot be changed) or biological sex, no matter how dictionaries are revised to redefine them. "Queer" on the other hand, was and still is a derogatory (offensive) slur, just like "faggot" and "tranny." Just because you call yourself something doesn't make it less offensive. And yes, most Blacks don't want non-Blacks calling them out their name and shouldn't be using racial slurs.

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