Black Owned Suit Companies

January 28, 2023 — Jt Spratley

I'm no Kevin Samuels or The Lead Attorney, but I do know that we Black men should care a bit more about professional dress. I'm all for having our own flavor, but I think fellas should have at least one good suit. And it, along with all accompanying accessories, should be from Black-owned suit businesses.

Harrison Blake Apparel

Harrison Blake Apparel sells conventional suits and accessories including ties, lapel pins, pocket squares, and dress shoes. Based out of Michigan, they also have suit customization services. When I need something for a suit, this is the first place I look.


I periodically check for new D'IYANU blazers and dinner jackets. They feel great, and are extraordinary. This African-American owned business push this business not only because I have an affiliate account with them, but because they are just that great.

Lee Rickie Collection

Trend setters should check out the Lee Rickie Collection. I like looking at the suits, but I find them too flamboyant for my taste and goals.

If you don't wear suits often you may want to look over this dinner jacket overview and guide.

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