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May 27, 2020 — Jt Spratley

First published on November 4, 2018

One thing I didn’t consider while preparing to distribute my first track – Needed Treatment – was album art. Yeah, I know. “Duh! Really, dude ?!” Yes, really. So I jumped in GIMP to touch up this drawing I did last year hoping to make a piece of art with a lot of symbolism. During a break I read the requirements for album art – 3000 x 3000 with 300 dpi. I didn’t need Waifu2x but I did need to enlarge the orginal image.

original drawing that became Needed TreatmentIt symbolized me at work – headphones, indifferent facial expression, and zoned out working. I’m not that black, but you get it.

I decided to give House 3-122 an actual title after listening to how Deadmau5 titled Faxing Berlin – one of my favorites. I came up with “Needed Treatment” as I’d mixed it years ago but it was bad. treated it. The track needed treatment.

And I needed album art.

AMEDD RDI (2014) The new title led me to the Doctormix logo and Army Medical Department (AMEDD) regimental distintive insignia (RDI). The RDI symbolizes a Soldiers’ general occupation, or career management field (CMF), which organizes specific job titles – military occupation specialities (MOS). It’s a badge worn above the dress uniform name plate or unit awards. Interestingly, the RDI and DoctorMix logo colors match – red, white, and blue.

How to work this into album art? The easiest way was to ensure every color symbolized something.

Needed Treatment album art

If I were more creative, I’d probably use Krita. If I were smarter, I’d probably use Fiverr.

Check it out on your favorite platform.

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