5 Black Inventors to Know

August 10, 2023 — Jt Spratley

Have you ever wondered what amazing things we have today because of the innovation of Black Americans? Are you curious about entrepreneurship but need some motivation? These short biographies might spark something.

Lonnie Johnson

Brother Lonnie Johnson holds over 130 patents including the squirt gun, or what we know as the Super Soaker water gun. Mr. Johnson now runs the Johnson STEM Activity Center which teaches STEM to young students "from diverse and underserved communities."

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Philip Emeagwali

Philip Emeagwali is a Nigerian man "best known for utilizing the connection machine and 65,536 microprocessors to achieve 3.1 billion calculations per second, the fastest computational record in 1989." "His work paved the way for other scientists to understand more complex functions of computers."

Dr. Henry Thomas Sampson

In 1971, Henry T. Sampson co-invented the Gamma-Electric cell which "converts high radiation energy (gamma rays) to electricity." Due to this, he's sometimes mistakenly cited as the creator of the cell phone.

Paul E. Williams

Paul E. Williams "invented the components of the 'first useful helicopter' African American inventor Paul E. Williams patented the “first useful helicopter” the Lockheed Model 186 (XH-51) on the 26th of November 1962."

Dr. George Washington Carver

Dr. George Washington Carver invented a long list of things related to agriculture.

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