2 Congress Bills Black Americans Must Follow

August 04, 2023 — Jt Spratley

It takes a lot of effort, but native Black Americans must learn and share our lineage and history. Here are two legislations you should be aware of with the constant discussions of reparations for Blacks.

H.R.4321 - No Bailouts for Reparations Act

That's right. That is the title. An anti-reparations bill was introduced on June 23, 2023. I learned of this from Tariq Nasheed, the face of the Foundational Black American (FBA) community.

H.R.5905 - Sgt. Isaac Woodard, Jr. and Sgt. Joseph H. Maddox GI Bill Restoration Act of 2021

This proposed legislation would provide reparation to "surviving spouses and certain direct descendants of [World War II (WWII)] veterans, eligibility for certain housing loans and educational assistance administered by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, and for other purposes." As you might guess, yes, most eligible recipients are already dead. I think that this bill is meant to show on paper that the government addressed the racist act of denying Black WWII vets the GI Bill when it was first introduced, albiet so late that few people actually benefit. There's some lesser known context to the "Double V campaign" (victory at home and abroad). That's the importance of learning your history.

Update: A tweet about HR 40:

Unrelated, during a Black history webinar Dr. Holly A. Pinheiro, Jr. issued a challenge that I'll now share with you. Read the Constitution. Have fun.

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