Why Distro Watch Rocks

June 01, 2020 — Jt Spratley

First published on February 15, 2016

Distro Watch is a user-friendly site where you can find info and reviews for over 100 Linux and BSD distributions. There are four reasons why this is awesome:

You can search for Linux and BSD Distros by intended purpose, DE, and more.

Distro categories

I run to Distro Watch every time I’m ready to distro-hop to another Linux distro. Regardless of your goals with Linux or BSD (revive an old computer, gaming, recover data), Distro Watch can point you in the right direction. You can also filter results by the country it was created in, DE, installation file size and method (local or net), status (active or not), and more.

You can readily see which distros get the most page hits daily.

Distro Watch has a counter on the homepage which ranks all registered Linux and BSD distros by page hits per day. If you want something with the most support, this is a good guide. Notice how safe Linux Mint is at the #1 spot.

Most popular Unix-like distros

It’s the Perfect Response to Those Who Believe Ubuntu is the end-all be-all of Linux.

I’ve had too many people respond to my invitations to try Linux with “I’ve tried Ubuntu [Server], but I didn’t like it.” When I tell them about the hundreds of Linux Distros with different uses and looks (DEs) listed on Distro Watch, then express my opinion that you can’t know if you truly like Linux or not based on using one distro, especially the Command Line Interface, they simply look for a quick way out of the topic. My typical response could probably use a lot of work. Meh.

They also provide databases for other things Linux.

They have directories and RSS Feeds for the latest reviews, newsletters, and podcasts.


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