What I Learned from the Red Pill Documentary

June 01, 2020 — Jt Spratley

First published on December 3, 2018

I really enjoyed the Red Pill documentary. It’s about a feminist interviewing men’s rights activists (MRA) expecting to enhance her understanding in her stance. By the end of the 2 hour documentary, she feels conflicted between what she wants to believe and what she’s heard during the many interviews. Below are my notes taken throughout the documentary.

• 1 domestic violence shelter for men country-wide. Many others refuse to work with them. A men’s only shelter opened in Texas last year is believed to be the second.

• 1 of 4 men and 1 of 3 women are victims of domestic violence. Percentages for severe violence are 1 of 7 men and 1 in 4 women according to CDC (Intimate partner violence PDF), NCADV, and NPR.

Erin Pizzey started the first female shelter in 1971. She was then barred from feminism conventions for speaking on domestic violence against men as well. She’s somewhat reverred by Men’s Rights Activists as she continues to speak on the subject on honest-ribbon.org, A Voice for Men, Reddit, her own website (not working right now), and more. Check out this primer video on her stance.

• To revamp the women’s rights movement in the 1970’s for publicity, and funding, activists boasted male on female violence. This is often called radical feminism.

• Approximately 33 states have domestic violence “training” where you must admit to domestic violence accusations (whether guilty or not) or risk jail. Related to this, I’ve only found info on false domestic violence accusations.

• In an example story, Boko Haram village terrorists took kids, reportedly only females. The truth was that girls were told to go home and live a righteous life under Allah. The boys were burned alive.

• On April 2013 in Canada during reportedly the biggest Pro Men’s rights movement, feminists pulled a fire alarm to shut down the meeting.

• France has laws forbidding men from requesting DNA tests for children. Check out the law and Quora thread.

• USA feminism groups fight paternity laws requesting facts. A Quora thread shared a story with a positive conclusion, though. Facts are bad, hm-k?

• A black man gets 10% more prison time compared to whites. Although that report is old, PewResearch and The Washington Post have newer articles on the subject. And men get 60% more time compared to women. That report and a related Quora thread are dated.

• Breast cancer receives more funding and support than prostate cancer but have similar death rates. Although this has been reported as early as 2010, there are newer articles and updated statistics as of 2018 supporting this claim.

• The blog “Have you ever beat up a boyfriend? Cause we have” triggered the “Bash a violent bitch” blog, not vice versa.

• A Men’s Rights Activist explained the men’s rights movement as Red Pill Reddit [and the group successor] want to take advantage of sytem, MRA’s want to change system, and Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) want to avoid the system.”

Remember these are notes and I may not have given enough context for you fully understand them all. Watch it yourself. Check out their website and YouTube channel. Talk with other activists. Thanks to the RallyPoint community for sharing this documentary with me.

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