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June 01, 2020 — Jt Spratley

First published on March 2, 2020

Creating Unique was my biggest music project (excluding learning music distribution) until 2019. During breaks at work, I would try to write and clean up bars. If I couldn’t come up with anything, and when I was done with lyrics, I’d work on arrangement some. I’m still learning to a lot about arrangement and transitions.

The synth is actually stripped from an older track I haven’t completed yet. I’m unsure when that song when be done, though.

I expected Unique to be the first verse-hook-verse-hook song I distributed. It was a box I wanted to check ASAP to balance out the instrumentals and 1-verse tracks.

With it’s subtle LGBT queues, similar to Can I? (You Got My Lust), I wanted to ensure there was plenty of meaning within the album art. I still enjoy the challenge of making album art for singles. It’s another piece of art that expands the story of a track in it’s own way.

Below are the reasons for the color and animation of each letter – all done with GIMP and Kdenlive.

LetterColorLGBT Flag ColorMy MeaningVideo Animation
UPinkSexBisexualityTurn Right
NGreenNatureDown to Earth and Seeks BalanceHorizontal Rotation
IYellowSunlightCreate Your LightVertical Rotation
QBlueSerenityCalmness in Adversity – e.g. degrading slurs like “queer”Noise
UPinkSexBisexualityTurn Left (Wrong)
ERed/OrangeLife/HealingGrainStatic and Fade

Unique will probably be my last to include a Chopped & Screwed version until I finish more songs. It adds color to the discography but I have to focus more on quality.

To close, I had fun creating Zazzle merchandise for the song. I made shirts with the album art – each with a different color set:

  1. The original for those interested in the colors’ deeper meaning
  2. All white for the monochrome lovers
  3. Orange for Syracuse
  4. Blue, white, and pink for the Trans Pride flag. I like the color combo.

I also made a key chain for subtle advertising – one of many ways I recommend to improve branding along with email marketing and creating content regularly.

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