My Favorite Falkon Web Browser Features

September 11, 2020 — Jt Spratley

Falkon, formerly known as Qupzilla, is a Chromium-based web browser for the KDE desktop environment (DE). Qupzilla was buggy and crashed at random when I tried it as a Linux newbie years ago. Falkon is a stable browser that makes compliments my needs for privacy and user experience (UX). I recommend it for anyone looking to try something new. Below are my four favorite Falkon browser features and extensions.

User Agent Manager

This is a native feature in Falkon. I can switch between Firefox, Chrome, and Safari within seconds. Or, I can set an user agent for a specific website. Even better, I can create my own. I wonder what nonsense I could write in it to screw with someone's web analytics application.


Adblock is a Falkon extension to block spammy and malicious content. There's a guide for writing Adblock rules with regular expressions (regex). For the normies like me, you can stick with the dozen included blocklists, or subscriptions.

Flash Cookie Manager

This Falkon extension allows you to view, whitelist, and delete Flash cookies.


Vertical Tabs

For those that consistently have over a dozen browser tabs open at once, this is worth checking out. It has the option to nest child tabs so you can easily organize your chaos. It has an option to use vertical tabs and the horizontal tabs at once. That's a waste of space to me. But again, it's an option. You can turn it off.

The last web browser I enjoyed that seemed focused on UX was Min. It's more about minimalism than privacy so I left it alone.

Tags: IT, linux, FOSS, cybersecurity, web-development