Monster (2003)

June 07, 2020 — Jt Spratley

First published on April 25, 2015

While listening to a Bill Burr podcast site, he made a reference regarding a “woman in the Monster movie.” Anyways, he said something strange enough to make me want to check this movie out.

The movie was wicked from the start. It starts out with a grungy woman, Aileen, going in a gay bar for a beer and a lonely woman, Selby, trying to start a conversation with her. They quickly hit it off over drinks and suggest to meet again. Shortly after, you see Aileen’s a homeless prostitute. However, that doesn’t stop the two women from quickly progressing into a “ride-or-die” relationship after Selby chose Aileen over her conservative family. After trying to turn her life around but getting denied for every job applied for, Aileen later goes from hooker to killer to make ends meet and to provide for her “lover,” Selby. Aileen did a lot for Selby . . . for “love.”

I consider it a great pro-LGBT mind-twister that keeps you wondering how bad things can get. If you like a movie that urges you to ask “are you serious?!” and “What the…”, then I invite you to check it out. . .

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. . . For Love

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