Does Joint Knowledge Online (JKO) Give Promotion Points to Army Soldiers?

March 14, 2024 — Jt Spratley

Does Joint Knowledge Online (JKO) give promotion points to Army soldiers? Yes, for many valuable self-paced courses regardless of your military occupational specialty (MOS), or additional duties. Here's a short guide on how JKO courses can enhance your promotion point worksheet (PPW) and skills as a Soldier.

How to Find JKO Courses Worth Promotion Points

To take JKO courses that offer promotion points:

  1. Log into JKO with your common access card (CAC), or username and password.
  2. At the top, select "Course Catalog."
  3. In the "Search Catalog" section, under "ATRRS" (short for Army Training Requirements and Resources System), select from the drop-down menu "ATRRS DL Points."
  4. Courses in the "Individual Courses" section below will list courses worth ATRRS distance learning (DL) points.
  5. Select "Enroll" to the right of your desired JKO course. For ideas, search course names with the key phrases "JMESI," "leadership," "public speaking," or "language."

Many Joint Medical Executive Skills Institute (JMESI) JKO courses are beneficial to all soldiers, regardless of your role or rank. Leadership courses are always helpful. Public speaking is an important soft skill for all professionals in and out of military service. If you still have questions , read these other tips on Army enlisted promotions.

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