Can I? (You Got My Lust)-The Story

May 29, 2020 — Jt Spratley

First published on February 3, 2019

While in Syracuse, NY, I was curious about the city nightlife and decided to check out clubs and bars. I came across Trexx night club and an Erika Klash poster. Why not watch a drag show on my first night out? I checked out her website (offline now) and liked her anime cosplays – especially the Sailor Moon characters.

Erika Klash headlines at Syracuse Trexx Club

After seeing her as Sailor Venus (I forgot her other cosplays that night), I thought to mention some of her cosplays in a song. I created the beat and the lyrics soon after.

Her pics as the characters I mentioned are below. The rest is lustful or referencing IT or 90’s nostalgia.

Lyrics, Links, and Explanations

Damn you got my lust; sexy style, voice, legs give me such a rush
First time I saw you in the Trexx jamming to the one named Sailor Moon but you Sailor V
Damn you had some moves, wish you’d work them on me; Fire flower fire power put that heat on me
Let’s get geeky. Get nerdy. It’s All That (TV show); Where’s my ROM’s (read-only media)? Start the DosBox (game emulator I use to play One Must Fall: 2097). Lets pull it back
Gave my creativity a thunder shock (Pikachu); wish I had all access from my laptop
You could be my laptop, I/O (input / output) for my dock and Rock the Boat (by Aaliyah). Rock the boat.
I’m so Sears (department store) bout that [virtual] private network (VPN); I won’t Slack [IRC] in any channel. Know what MatterMost (Open Source IRC)
Let me soothe and entertain you – may I offer you a [Sailor] Neptune violin tune ?
Ms. Pac Man better watch out, I’m getting Blinky; Plotting like Pinky something kinky Just spent a C note in the kink store. Ready? And I got all my rest last night. Who getting sleepy?
Bomb Bomber Girl. Where my hunting gear? Here silly [Bugs Bunny] wabbit, that fat-fa-Phat Rabbit (song by Ludacris)
I’m trying to hurry up; finish this fast enough to see all that Samas Aran – Can I ?


Sailor Moon cosplay
Sailor Moon
Sailor Venus cosplay
Sailor V
Fireflower cosplay
Sailor Neptune cosplay
Neptune Violin
Pikachu cosplay
Ms. Pac Man cosplay
Ms. Pac Man
Bomber Man cosplay
Bomber Girl
Usami (Dangan Ronpa) cosplay
Samus cosplay
Samus Aran

Hopefully, she doesn’t feel too disrespected or sexified. She retweeted my video tweet. This was fun.

The album art and video is a ffmpeg histogram of the audio with a photo – made with kdenlive video editor of course.


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