Audition (1999)

June 07, 2020 — Jt Spratley

First published on June 15, 2015

Audition is a Japanese film about an old lonely man creating an audition for a non-existant movie to find a new beau. When he makes a decision, everyone is telling him in many ways that he’s thinking with the wrong head. Everyone felt a bad vibe about her. She says things that send a bad vibe, even as a viewer. He ignores it all. Then there’s more red flags and a horrible dream. . .meh.

Further into the movie, it starts hopping around the timeline like SAW movies, but this aggravated and confused me a lot. Maybe I’m just an idiot, but when SAW does it, I’m interested in figuring out what’s going on. In Audition, I just want it to stop. The end pissed me off.

I won’t watch this again. I won’t recommend it to anyone. There’s no awesome gore, beautiful women doing anything awesome, or things to laugh at. The plot had me interested enough that I was upset at the end, but didn’t regret watching it. The song at the end credits is pretty good, though. It’s a classic story of a man thinking only with what’s below the belt with some expected Japanese gore – my opinion.

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