6 Ways to Continue Improving Daily

May 25, 2020 — Jt Spratley

First published on November 21, 2016

You should learn a few things every day. If you’re at a mental plateau, here are a few pointers to improve yourself daily.

Always look up new things

Remember when you were so curious about the history of your last name, what money is made of, or whats the purpose of that weird computer port you never use? Did you Google or Duck it? Probably not. But you should because you never know what could come of it and because you can. I got the idea for this blog post after picking a random stack of cards off a classroom floor. Looking up “Red Hat” after hearing it on a dozen Podnutz podcasts is what introduced me to Linux and why I’m doing so much with open source software today. It can open you up to a whole new world. Now sing it in your best Aladdin voice.

Ask for resources

In every conversation, I want to walk away with something – new point of view on a topic, new website to check out, cool trinket, something. Ask someone about interests that you know nothing about, not only common interests. Open your mind. Everyone knows something you don’t and vice versa. Hording information does little more than prove how rampant greed and selfishness is today. Share a little and aim to learn a little.

Read at least an article daily for top interests

Follow reputable sources for your top interests and skills on social media. Follow RSS Feeds. Have a way to receive consistently good content. For me, it’s probably going to be Hacker News for technology, Doctor Mix for music production, and whatever is trending on Rallypoint for everything else. I’m the most active in the music production and open source Rallypoint threads.

Ask how you compare to when someone first met you

This is about self-reflection. Your personal and professional life will benefit from you understanding how people perceive you. Many times, it’ll be based on their perception of your body language. Check out Tony Robbins.

Follow your gut

You have to know how to deal with those situations where “something”, “the holy spirit”, or “your gut” is urging you to do something, and simply ignoring it unless you can find validation can cause you to miss the moment.

Ask yourself these10 questions more often.

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