6 Things I Wish I’d Done in High School

May 25, 2020 — Jt Spratley

First published on March 25, 2019

I read and exercised plenty as a teen. However, there are many things I wish I’d done during high school. This is short list of reflection which I hope helps others.

Asked Teachers About Careers and College

I was curious about the benefits of a masters degree up until I graduated with my bachelors. I forgot who told me the simple answer but it was something around the lines of “It’s great for specific career paths – usually management.” Since I’m more tech than mangement, certifications are more beneficial for expertise. But its still good to know your options.

College Courses

Although I knew nothing about why I should go to college, taking a college level course or two could’ve made great use of my time. It would’ve helped save my GI Bill too.

Released More Music

I walked around school with my CD player all the time but never gave my music to anyone. I don’t count the Ride ‘Em album. Ten years later, I’m still learning basics about arrangement, mixing, and producing because I didn’t take advantage of the opportunities then.

Kept Memorabalia From School

I knew I took horrible pictures. So I wouldn’t take pictures. Problem solved. Years later – no pictures for memory lane. Take pictures. It helps to have something to physically see and touch to support memories.

A Team Sport

In basketball I was a great defender and decent finisher with rough contact for a while. I remember someone at a Suwon basketball court telling me “every team needs someone to play defense.” He’s right. And even today, if I can’t make a basket, I can always block a shot and get my body between the rim and a player.


This seems unnecessary to the social butterflies, but school provides a strict schedule easy for marketers for to take advantage. There were big opportunities to share music and get my name out there. There was a school broadcast I could’ve asked to give a shout-out. A table with instrumental CD’s and a paper for indie musicians to write contact info would’ve gotten attention. I don’t remember the best platforms for sharing music in the early 2000’s but I’m sure there was something. Classes were ~90 minutes of being up under the same group every day. I could’ve shared that CD player a few more times.

Staying with the classroom, I remember a teacher that enjoyed a jazz hop track I made. No idea where it’s at now. There were class projects with enough wiggle room for me to share my passion for music for a grade. I once talked about the history of MIDI in a writing class. I created a song “How to Rap” for another class.

I hope those who come after me learn from my mistakes.

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