5 Awesome Things I Want From Lucifer Seasons 5 (Part 2) and 6

March 14, 2021 — Jt Spratley

After writing an intermediate user's guide to Linux web server hosting, I figured I'd cover something in the DC and Marvel comics realm. I've gained quite a bit of interest into some of that stuff since the Black Panther movie released in 2018. R.I.P. Chadwick Boseman.

I learned about the Lucifer Netflix series, based off Vertigo (DC) Sandman comics, around the same time as the Supernatural TV show. Supernatural ended a few months ago, after 15 years, and Wayward Winchester educated me on the story. There are multiple great YouTubers covering Marvel...everything: movies, Disney + series, comics, theories, etc. I haven't found anyone doing that regularly with Lucifer Morningstar's show. I'm sure that is partially due to the fact that DC movies (e.g. Justice League) and shows (e.g. Arrow) aren't directly intertwined. Plus, Lucifer season 5 (part 1) was released in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, almost a year ago.

The Lucifer Netflix show has shown self-awareness many times in the past four seasons with statements about:

Possible spoilers ahead!

I've seen a few videos about what might happen between Lucifer season 5 (part 2) and season 6.

  • Mazikeen (Maze), Lucy's guardian demon, might return to Hell in accordance with the comic series (to be with her mother?)
  • The adorable Ella may be revealed as someone that knew more about the celestial side of things, which led to her knowing Azrael, or Rae Rae, the Angel of Death
  • Castiel could be introduced and sing
  • Eve may return again

There's a lot of questions waiting to be addressed. So, I decided to share my wishlist for the upcoming Lucifer episodes.

Reference The Unit with God (The Presence)

The first thing that came to my mind at the end of Lucifer season 15 (part 1) was "what the?" The second thing was Dennis Haysbert's Sergeant Major Blane in The Unit. Maybe third after the Allstate insurance commercials, but that joke got old minutes after the cliff-hanger. The Unit isn't my favorite military show (it's The E-Ring), but it's up there. I'll toss JAG a mention, too.

Tom Welling was Cain and addressed with a Superman kryptonite reference on Lucifer. God could be addressed in a more regal manner (referencing a YouTube comment comparing "God Johnson" to Supernatural's Chuck here) similar to military general officers (Generals and Admirals). At the end of season 5 (part 1), Lucy, Amenadiel, and Michael were close to the position of attention when Father arrived.

Afterwards, Lucifer's dad can cameo in VET Tv. Yes, I shall dream on.

A Cameo from The Mentalist TV Show

The Mentalist was a great buddy-cop show about understanding body language and discovering true desires. It had an atheist, consultant Patrick Jane (played by Simon Baker), as the lead character. That show was based in California, and Jane once made a Daredevil reference about his senses being heightened while blind.

Lucifer scared a street hustler with his "devil face" in the first episode. Amenadiel wrecked a non-believing gunman by revealing his wings in a Season 5 (part 1) episode. I could only imagine how Jane would react to Amenadiel or God talking about how his dead wife and daughter are doing in heaven.

Admittedly, this would spark unnecessary questions about the years-old show. It would arguably destroy Jane's story arc. But a quick cameo from Simon Baker or Robin Tunney (who played lead cop, Theresa Lisbon) saying a random line would be awesome. Might even lead to some Mentalist DVD sets being sold in stores.

Reference The Supernatural TV Show

Supernatural made funny references to the Lucifer and MayConstantine series.

Supernatural ended with their Lucifer's son, Jack, as the new God, revamping Heaven and the only Earth left after Chuck destroyed all but their universe within their multiverse. Can that be made canon as another universe within the DC multiverse? Maybe a child of an universe created by Lucifer's mother, or Mum?

Supernatural and The Mentalist share some actors/actresses:

Actor Timothy Omundson played Supernatural's Cain and Lucifer's God Johnson.

Completely irrelevant, but there's also a God Johnson band.

Emily Swallow played Supernatural's Amara (the darkness) and Mentalist's Agent Fischer.

A Connection to Arrowverse

Again, I'm not a comic book nerd. Anything I "know" about comics came from YouTube channels like New Rockstars and Cosmic Wonder. But I'll watch breakdown videos a comic-based show or movie that catches my attention. Arrow did that after I saw a clip of Constantine asking Mr. Morningstar for a one-time password (OTP) card to Purgatory.

Then, while catching up on Wayward Winchester breakdown videos, I learned about an Legends of Tomorrow episode with protagonists in a world where the Supernatural film crew is dead.

Who is Gaudium?

I don't remember which YouTube video brought the Gaudium easter egg in Season 3 to my attention, or who that is. The Gaudium fandom page has theories connecting the name to Ella, Trixie (Chloe's daughter), and God.

Since season 6 is stated to be the final season, I'd much appreciate an answer to that. Regardless, I'll likely still be stuck wondering if these characters will ever cross over with the more popular DC heroes like Batman and Superman from the Justice League.

I want more Lucifer.

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