User-Friendly Jitsi Meet for Mobile Video Chat

June 01, 2020 — Jt Spratley

First published on January 27, 2020

I covered using the Jitsi Meet web app in 2017. Recently, someone asked about an easy way to video chat on mobile. Instead of WhatsApp, LINE, Kakao, etc., I recommended Jitsi. But I haven’t used the app yet. So when I was asked how to use it, I had to learn. It’s easy to use.

  1. Install and open Jitsi Meet by 8×8, Inc
  2. Type a room name
  3. Choose Video or Voice from the top
  4. Share room name with others via text, email, etc.
  5. Enter room
  6. Tinker with Settings and choose display

Learn more about Jitsi from their website and this web app setup article.

Tags: IT, software, open-source