The Grey Lines of RallyPoint

June 01, 2020 — Jt Spratley

First published on May 16, 2016

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Many people don’t like to read the FAQs. Many people prefer to know the cons before the pros. I’ve covered why Rallypoint is a beneficial resource. However, there are some grey lines I think you should be aware of from my point of view – 25.

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  1. Threads regarding “politricks” seems to be the most popular on Rallypoint. Sometimes I read the comments because they’re informative entertaining.
  2. If you don’t like political topics (or any other topics for that matter), simply IGNORE THEM. There are many more topics with a high buzz – I.T., benefits, new policies and doctrines, jobs, humor, transition, and so much more.
  3. Rallypoint counts as social media. There are guidelines Active Service Members and Veterans should be aware of. *Cough* OPSEC!
  4. What you say CAN find its way to your Chain of Command. Be careful what you ask about those situations going on in your workplace.
  5. Check to see who in your unit is on Rallypoint. Be in the know.
  6. Disrespect happens. . . because people. People disagree. People get passionate and adamant about things. People. . . People.
  7. If you see a post about Linux and I’m nowhere on the thread, I’d like to know because I enjoy learning and sharing in you need to tag me! That’s not an opinion. . . because Linux.
  8. Down-voting someone is somewhat taboo. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t or shouldn’t happen.
  9. There may or may not be a few dark threads . . .
  10. The “Search” function exists for a reason. Use it to check that you’re not asking a questions that’s already been answered. Just do it, like Nike.
  11. Just because you’re currently serving and disagree with someone senior in rank, doesn’t mean you can’t TACTFULLY disagree. Don’t be the junior enlisted guy that gets “internet warrior” keyboard rage and rants off to a Senior NCO or field grade officer, especially without justification. Remember what I said about things getting back to the CoC? Just don’t do it, unlike Nike.
  12. Rallypoint should NOT be your only resource for any questions or issues you have. Sometimes, it shouldn’t be the FIRST. You have questions about your uniform? Search the pubs, ALARACTs, and MILPER messages. Don’t be so lazy.
  13. Sometimes Rallypoint will give you better info than your favorite search engine. Remember, Rallypoint is the one place any junior enlisted Service Member can ask a question resulting in a conversation with a field grade Officer or Senior NCO. How many units in the military would be okay with this?
  14. Sometimes, you may start a thread and it will be misinterpreted wrong by the masses – like this and this. It happens. But it WILL be okay. I assure you.
  15. Many organizations advertise on Rallypoint for customers and employees. Sponsors provide income. Developers need that to do life. Mind blowing, i know.
  16. Many self-employed Veterans advertise on Rallypoint. Rallypoint serves a niche. There are many others that serve that same niche.
  17. You can include up to five tags when you post a question. If you don’t include enough or the right amount of tags, your post may get little to no attention.
  18. Many people don’t know about Rallypoint, including the VA centers. Share the word!
  19. Army members are the most active among the other branches. I rarely come across Coast Guard members.
    Person – “But the Coast Guard…”
    Me – “SHUTUP!”
    Person – “Bu…”
    Me – “Shhhhhhhh”
  20. Different branches mean different ranks and rank abbreviations. If you’re not sure how to address someone, either don’t address them at all or simply type “@” and their rank and name until they show up in the drop-down menu.
  21. There are civilians with no Time in Service on Rallypoint. Don’t ask me why. Just read this and this.
  22. Influence points say little about how active someone is on Rallypoint. It also doesn’t mean she or he won’t chime in on a topic she or he is following.
  23. The site changes sometimes. Usually, it’s for the better. If you have a suggestion, e-mail support or begin a thread about it.
  24. If you’re active enough in a particular topic, you’ll likely start to notice that you come across the same people.
  25. Rallypoint is a community that serves its purpose very well. It enables Veterans and Active Service Members to connect and network.

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