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May 31, 2020 — Jt Spratley

First published on February 1, 2016

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Rallypoint Logo is a great online resource for Active Service Members and Veterans. Even if you’re just thinking about joining the U.S. Armed Forces, Rallypoint has a massive amount of information and experience to learn from between the hundreds of thousands of members from all ranks, specialties, and branches to the active forums covering all types of topics which affect the small percentage of the U.S. population who have served, from lessons learned from the worst Airborne jumps to transition help and politics to the infamous “Should a 2LT salute a 1LT?” forum. Here are five key points to consider:

Professional Development

There are Veterans who have done amazing things and make valuable sources of information regarding work environments, leadership, and most career fields you can imagine. I’ve used RP many times to gain a better grasp on many IT solutions including my blog and Linux. If you’re looking into a specific job field, you can easily search for discussions and professionals within that field, network, ask questions, and grow your professional network. If you’re seeking mentorship for developing your leadership or organizational behavioral skills, the RP community will welcome your drive to improve by doing their best to assist.

Find a Job

Continuing on professional development, many organizations head hunt for Veterans with specific skillsets via Rallypoint. You’ll also have access to a database of civilian jobs which you can filter based on your skills,location, and more. Active Service Members can use the “Military Assignments” section to try to choose their next position (along with the help of your Branch Manager) by gathering a listing of current members with specified rank and other important factors who will PCS around the same time, similar to MOBCOP Tour of Duty.

Personal Development

RP is not just a community of angry Veterans discussing what’s wrong with everything in the world. That’s a joke to mock those of you who generalize Veterans as such. Seriously though, whatever your hobbies and interests are – art, traveling, preparing for the zombie apocalypse – there is someone who shares your interest which you can connect with. Making friends isn’t taboo – it’s encouraged. RP Veterans sometimes even organize get-togethers in differing states just to hang out and strengthen bonds.

People Who Share Your Experiences and Mindset, Military-related

There are certain topics you’d only discuss with certain people. You have to be careful when you talk big ideas with small minded people. You have to do the same with military-focused topics such as military relationships, PTSD, and transition out of the military. Get advice from those, especially senior in rank or Time in Service, who have actually dealt with it and want to help you do the same.

Stay In Tune With the Military

Whether you’re currently in or you’ve left the military, topics such as Veterans Affairs and Veteran-run organizations are good to keep up with. Many Veterans have also reconnected with past battle-buddies thanks to RP. The ability to search for past members of military units is very useful for this.

“A community united by the bond of service, bringing together and empowering all Service Members, Veterans, and their supporters.”

– Rallypoint’s Vision

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