Martyrs (2008)

June 07, 2020 — Jt Spratley

First published on May 24, 2015

Another film on an IMDB Psycho movie list, Martyr (2008) starts off with a bloodied young girl, Lucie, escaping and running from some type of torture dungeon. While in some type of home, she shows many signs of post-traumatic stress regarding her past, but she has one friend, Anna, that can comfort her when needed. Many years later, the pair decides to sets out to find the individuals responsible for Lucie’s torment.

Without spoiling too much, martyrdom on Websterproves to be the goal. It’s a disturbing ninety minute film. Imagine SAW with simple brute force in lieu of elegant traps. Not a SAW fan? Soldiers, imagine SERE gone wrong. No? How about the Cube series except only one versatile cube?

I liked this movie. It put me in a place to feel Lucie’s pain and Anna’s love for her, but attempt to balance it against logic and the ripple effect of someone trying to play “God.”

Science. . . Man.

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